TFL’s Colour Trends & Fashion Inspirations catalogue for autumn/winter 2007/08 is set to lead the reader into the fantastic world of fairytales. The new fashion trends invite designers to take garments from some of the great classic fairytales and rework them with a modern slant. The bicentenary celebrations of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, the ‘father’ of fairytales, is set to influence the fashion world. ‘You do not need much to dream, an enchanted accessory is enough to turn you into a real princess.’

For this season, the colour preferences are broken into three categories: Chic, Classic and Casual. The catalogue includes styling directions as well as general fashion considerations. Article trends are included together with leather samples and recipes from the beamhouse through to finishing.


Chic shades are characterised by cool, sophisticated colours to evoke Nordic fairytale atmospheres. This is a colour range enveloped in the mists of the forest and enchanted landscapes. Shades of blue and grey are mixed with warmer tones.

The inspiration is ‘The Kidult Ring’. Hanging by a thread, this is a metaphor for life and for everything that human existence entails. An accessory that loves to play, the ring swings in an irresistible desire for constant change.


Nuances cover natural and surreal colours to take designers on a trip into a fantastic world. Colours create a romantic atmosphere for a nostalgic range with a touch of playful irony. Classic earthy tones contrast with inky blue.

The inspiration is ‘Fantabag’. Objects created by the skilled hands of craftsmen to bring back to life the enchanted world of the childhood hidden inside us all. Real timeless cult accessories, without age or target.


Shades comprise neutral and inviting colours that take designers into a world of warm embraces. In an enveloping atmosphere, shades of reassuring green with more passionate touches are able to unfold themselves.

The inspiration is ‘Cuddly Pups’. Trainable creatures, mascots, icons, fetishes and idols that each carry their exact opposite: sacred-profane, divine-human, tangible-ethereal, natural and supernatural world.