TFL are focused on research, presenting solutions and innovative methods for the treatment of skins and leather. The company are involved in all stages of the leather making process from beamhouse to finishing and their team of technicians supply clients with personalised service and systems.

In 2005, TFL Brazil inaugurated a Leather Technology Centre next to the company’s São Leopoldo facility. Equipped with the latest generation of machinery for both wet-end and finishing processes, the centre is always available to clients for development work and technical support.

The company’s r&d focus has given rise to such innovative systems as the TFL Drywalk system, which optimises the combination of oil and polymer to meet the highest standards of impermeability and leather quality; TFL coolsystem (comfortable leathers for motorcyclists) and TFL whiteline system (environmentally friendly tanning system).

Further services offered by TFL are the colour trends posters. ‘Fashion leather’ with themes created by Italian designers Sergio Belloni and Carmen Rimoldi are based on the specialist international colour palettes. These are made available to clients 21 months prior to the relevant season. At this year’s Fimec, TFL Brazil will be presenting the latest fashion trends and articles for spring/summer 2007 developed by the competence centre for wet-end and finishing.

The TFL colour forecast for garments, footwear and leather accessories is strongly influenced by the ‘tastes of summer’. Colours in the Chic, Classic and Casual ranges are taken from seasonal fruits, vegetables and puddings to make the mouth water.

Chic: designers describe Chic as a well shaken cocktail, a mixture of tastes, travel and joie de vivre with a generous dose of irony to boot. The main ingredient is plenty of soul.

Classic: a series of cheerful, vibrant, colourful foodstuffs with fruit as a central theme. Fruit and ice cream shades together combined with dark shadows facilitate variations.

Casual: the casual theme incorporates sweet and delicate tones from organic foodstuffs, where pastel colours are the cornerstone. Soft and sensual tones are used as contrasting touches.