Fashion up! is the new seasonal statement from Clariant’s Leather Business designed to enable tanners to stay one step ahead in leather fashion. Metropolitan, Timeless Elegance, Ethnic, Original Charm and Simplicity are the five key moods for the autumn-winter 2006/07 season, developed by Clariant’s own Fashion Group in conjunction with Italian designers. The re-designed promotional kit is equipped with a multi-sensory CD-show, leather samples, pictures, trend and article descriptions complete with corresponding wet-end and finishing recipes. Clariant’s traditional Fashion Poster has made a comeback as an added-bonus for customers. All prototype articles are exclusively made by Italian stylists and will be displayed on the Clariant stand at fashion shows and fairs around the world.

The multi-sensory experience has been developed to inspire and add more value to the final leather article. The latest leather trends reflect a commitment to minimal-chic luxury with contrasting effects and metallic shines. Leathers with matching prints and smooth surfaces recall different cultures. Shadow effects or the imperfection of wrinkles in the leathers enhance this unique material and make it something special.

Recognising that all aspects of lifestyle are influenced by fashion moods, Clariant are extending their fashion activities on a worldwide basis to be as close as possible to the look of tomorrow. Quality and elegance are the main focus of the collections. Under the motto ‘Fashion up!’ five different themes are developed to find the best way to deal with contrasting styles.

The autumn/winter collections combine ethnic inspirations, timeless elegance, a metropolitan way of life, original charm with shadows and geometric patterns as well as pure simplicity, inspired by the colours and objects that surround us daily.

Professional photos describe the trends and provide customers with first-class technical information. The accompanying CD also features audio and animation clips. And last but not least, the supplementary Fashion Poster gives the sensual experience of the leathers themselves.

Metropolitan incorporates modern, respectable, minimal-chic luxury. Contemporary leathers with contrasting chromatic mixes add a touch of normality and eccentricity. Shining city lights reflect glamorous nightlife. Different combinations of Neosan 2000 pigments produce a brilliant multi-colour look on shoes and leathergoods.

Timeless elegance is highlighted by the use of materials and perfection of detail. Thanks to the alchemy of fashion, this elegance manages to invent the future by looking to the past. Damask-effect materials contrast leathers with a metallic shine. The use of calfskin adds a touch of luxury, designed to create classic pieces. A special Aladin wax has been combined with Opcalin Pearl for a Damasco look in a brush-off finish for fashionable ladies’ shoes and handbags made from goatskins.

Ethnic is the desire to escape from the daily grind. Leathers with matching prints and smooth surfaces reflect the different colours of different cultures and tribes. The colour of the earth merges with the brilliance of the vegetation. Here there are contrasting designs and simple tattoos that are based on the elegance of colour. The new Melio Aquabase technique has been applied on corrected grain leather finished with Melio 11-L-25 for stylish upgrading of shoe uppers and handbags.

Original charm incorporates shadows, an effect that can be used on clothes, accessories or furniture. The imperfections and wrinkles in the leather are skilfully transformed into a bark effect finish. Bronze, gold, green and brown are the colours used for relief prints and geometric patterns. The ‘nappa shadow’ leather features magic shadows on a soft sheepskin which provide a romantic atmosphere and a rich garment. Extreme softness is achieved using fine particle size resins from the Melio range.

Simplicity is a traditional feel with special effects added to leathers to create simple, practical and tangible pieces. Inspired by colours and objects that surround us, even the leather used for furniture can help rediscover the charm of simplicity. Blending Neosan 2000 pigments and Opcalin Pearl results in natural leather articles with good physical properties.

A harmony of colours

Based on Modeurop, Clariant’s Leather Business has also unveiled its shade card illustrating the latest colour trends for the forthcoming autumn/winter season 2006/2007. Brightness and freshness are giving way to a harmony of balanced, rich shades. The reference to nature continues to be the focus of these inspirations but ethnic influences can also be seen.

Clariant’s forecast is divided into three colour themes: Architecture, Folklore and Frescos. The latest autumn/winter shades represent a wide range of hidden browns and black is once again seen as a solitary colour. Additionally, the palette contains different reds, greens and blues that come together to form different fashionable styles.

Architecture reflects a modern era combined with the colours of construction materials such as stone and steel. Grey dominates this theme with interesting reflexes and contrasts for mysterious and magical inspirations.

The colour theme Folklore combines beautiful images with brighter colours and deals with colour harmonies and families. Red takes centre-stage and greens and blues from petrol to ochre and amber capture the falling temperatures of the winter.

Frescos stand for the era of Renaissance, for the memorable works of Michelangelo and Albrecht Dürer. Mystical and religious thoughts are conjured up. Combined with a touch of patina, the colours are based on faded neutral tones ranging from creamy beige to dark browns and dusty pastels.

With these colour predictions, Clariant aim to provide their customers with effective ideas for fashionable styles for the next season. Together with the company’s comprehensive multi-sensory trend forecast, Clariant will bring together colours and trends to create leathers that catch the eye.

Fashion is changing and leather, wool and fur are set to become the preferred materials in this autumn/winter season.

A greater emphasis on quality and the rediscovery of old values are giving leather a new dimension for the future.

All the leather swatches displayed in the cards are made by Clariant’s leather specialists using high-quality dyes such as Sandoderm and Derma. For finishing, colours are obtained using the company’s innovative Neosan 2000 and PPE Pigment ranges.

The colour forecast from Clariant is published twice a year and is available from all local Clariant partners.