Superstar is a new rotary ironing and embossing press from Bergi OFB. The machine can be fitted with up to three rollers on a built in carousel. The machine is available in a number of different sizes.

The main features of the new machine are an automatic roller-changing device, which can be operated by the simple push of a button. The roller has an updated heating system using diathermic oil. Using oil, the operator is able to maintain a consistent heating of the roller within a margin of 1°C across the cylinder. The heating unit has been designed to offer maximum temperature control while using minimum consumption of energy.

The Superstar machine is supplied with a single heating unit for several operator rollers, although individual roller heaters can be supplied on request. This means that rollers will always be ready for use if a quick change of cylinder is required. The press has also been fitted with a special hydraulic system to centre the felt and a new feeding conveyor, which minimises pleating on the leather.

Electrical components are housed in a separate cabinet and the machine is fitted with an open water circuit for cooling the rollers.

Superstar has a number of optional extras. They include:

* A heating unit for each operating roller

* A leather detaching device with a photoelectric cell safety system

* A cleaning brush for the felt with or without a dust suction and collection unit

* A metal detector installed inside the introduction conveyor across the entire working width

* An anti-static ionising bar

* An electronic software management kit

* Bar code read out for setting machine parameters