Think Pink! That’s the message to fashionistas following the funkier side of fashion for the home.

A Must Have colour this winter, the season’s wild shocking pink is a far cry from the feminine, pretty pink associated with Barbie dolls and little girls bedrooms. It’s cool, punky and has lots of girl power attitude.

According to Muirhead, specialists in top quality hides for upholstery, in-your-face funky brights bring a whole new look to the minimalist interior home with a single piece of furniture often setting the tone of a room.

But whether you think its stylish or not, the power of pink has long been underestimated and pink promoters have been highlighting its ‘funkiness’ for decades. Who could forget Penelope Pitstop’s pink Cadillac, the legendary Pink Panther or the pink satin jackets modelled by the cool Pink Ladies in cult film classic ‘Grease’? One rock-pop singer sensation has even named her act after it!

For a more subtle approach choose from powder pinks to rich raspberries and fabulous fuchsias – there is a shade to suit everyone who wants to be someone this season.

‘For those who want to make a statement, an occasional furniture piece in a vibrant pink colour can really bring the room alive and add the ‘wow’ factor that fashion conscious home owners crave’, says John McMorris, sales manager for Muirhead. ‘And for that stylish retro look, combine contemporary chocolate brown leather with splashes of raspberry.’

As well as offering seven leather collections with more than 100 shades, textures and finishes, Muirhead also produces bespoke matchings for those who require that wild fluorescent pink!

Here are some fascinating facts about Pink:

* Famous pink ambassadors include The Pink Ladies, The Pink Panther, Miss Piggy, Bagpuss and singer Pink.

* The colour pink is actually named after the flower Pink (Dianthus). They can often be seen in the background of medieval tapestries and renaissance paintings.

* The flower pink is named for the ragged edges on each petal; dressmakers will be familiar with pinking shears, scissors which produce a zigzag cut similar to the petal edges.

* Pink soothes violent or anxious adults for a few hours and is sometimes used on walls in prisons or hospitals for mental illness. In children it stimulates creativity and strength. It could help with insomnia if you sleep between pink sheets.

* It has become synonymous with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with the pink ribbon a trademark symbol.

* When a car ‘pinks’ it means it is not running properly – a fault sometimes caused by using the wrong fuel.

* Pink champagne – a favourite with Hollywood’s more elite stars!

* Pink salmon – a cheaper alternative to red.

* Before the days of political correctness, pink was for girls and blue was for boys.

* Pink zone is a banking term which means overdrawn but not in the red.

* Pinky and Porky were the stars of a famous children’s TV programme back in the 1950’s.

* Pink Uns was the name given to many Saturday Sports extras.

* The phrase ‘in the pink’ means someone is in hearty good health.

* Lily the Pink was a chart topper by British pop group Scaffold in the


* The Financial Times was first printed on pink paper in 1893 as a way of distinguishing itself from its rivals. And why pink – no fancy colour theory here, just financial hard-headedness: pink paper was the cheapest!