Pailing Basford has compiled a survey on China’s leather industry which covers raw hides, skins to finished leather and products, import and export statistics, in three separate issues. She claims it is packed with many comprehensive facts and statistics that are of value to any company trading in China in leather and leather products. Throughout all three issues, the reader will be updated with current Chinese government regulations, trade policies and tax rules which are important aspects of dealings in the country. She describes it as ‘Intelligent marketing in the 21st century!’

The leather industry of China exported 5.9 billion pairs of shoes and other leather related products worth US$19 billion in 2004, almost four times the value of its imports (US$5.24 billion) of raw hides, skins and part tanned leathers. With this economic quantum leap, China is already being referred to as the leather industry’s ’21st Century World Factory’.

Issue 1 is on supply and trade of raw and part tanned leathers; Issue 2 the ‘World Factory’ of the leather industry: leather making, footwear and leather products; and Issue 3 the ‘World Factory’ of the leather industry: automotive industry, animal farming and fur-processing industry (Issue 3 will be available in March 2006).

The author is bilingual in Chinese and English and has worked in the leather industry for 27 years since graduating from university in Shanghai in 1978. She spent 12 years in China and 15 years in the UK. She has worked as a consultant for BLC Leather Technology Centre UK for four years, marketing for China.

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