Italian sammying machine experts, Escomar, have designed a range machines known as the PCR series which are easy to maintain while being well built and user friendly. Each machine in the series is fully hydraulic with no chains or belts. All have been designed and built to meet the strictest safety regulations.
In order to cover all tanners’  requirements, Escomar have developed a range of three sammying machines to suit individual requirements:
PCR: this machine has 3 pressing cylinders and develops 90 ton of pressure with a working speed of 15 m/min. It is suitable for those tanneries that do not require high throughput production but want good leather area yield at the correct humidity
PCR5: with 5 pressing cylinders it develops 170 tons of pressure at a working speed of 20m/min. It is suitable for tanneries that need a medium/high throughput while maintaining a good area yield at the correct humidity
PCR6: this machine has 6 pressing cylinders and develops a massive 200 tons of pressure at a working speed of 20m/min. Suitable for those tanneries that need a very high production throughput and area yield.  PCR6 model is the most powerful sammying machine currently available in the tanning industry.