Based on the input of internationally known trend institutes and fashion specialists, ‘fashion up!’ contains real leather samples
to support tanners in generating new collections based on the latest seasonal trends.
The Trend Booklet illustrates the totally new look of spring/summer 2011 season which follows a completely modern, more sporty, casual and individual direction with surprising looks and finishes.
Clariant’s Trend Booklet highlights four fashion themes for the spring/summer 2011 season.
Country Cousins reflects the new trend for ‘austerity chic’ brought about by the
economic downturn. Fresh-faced simplicity places emphasis on natural looks.
Bohemian Rhapsody is inspired by the unconventional and artistic temperament of rock stars and rich hippies. Polished, pearled and lustre finishes on leather have rock star glamour.
Fashion travels way back to the dawn of time with Primeval Spirit. This plunges a raw and primitive feel into the styles, drawing upon nature’s wildest regions for inspiration.
In Latin Lovers the love affair with wild-western trends continues, shifting south to Latin America. Gaucho cowboys, glamorous tango dancers and fiery spirited Latinos are the influence here.
All newly-introduced leather trends are in-line with the fashion colours for the spring/summer 2011 season. These colours are presented in Clariant’s Global Color Card, developed in close cooperation with Modeurop.
The Global Color Card focuses on cool colours reflecting transparency and lightness for the season. Mild shades of green and natural beige are supplemented by pale skin tones to stimulate thoughts of nature, bionics and ecology.
Sweet colour shades such as sorbets, milkshakes or fruit yoghurt whet the appetite for new fashion looks.
All illustrated colours from Clariant’s Global Color Card show wet-end formulations achieved with their Melioderm dyestuff range covering all dyeing needs with the ultimate in performance. The
finishing recipes are based on Clariant`s innovative Neosan 2000 and PPE pigment ranges.

Clariant team-up with Modeurop

Modeurop, the fashion forecast group at DSI (Das Schuhinstitut) and Clariant, the maker of colorants and chemicals for the dyeing, tanning, retanning and finishing of leather, have established an innovative, colour forecasting partnership, it was announced last December.
This cooperation will provide tailored, reliable and consistent colour forecasts to the footwear leather processing industry. It targets the entire value chain, from
tanneries through to shoe manufacturer and retailers.
The cooperation between the two partners will bring considerable benefits to shoe makers and their suppliers. Shoe manufacturers and tanneries can be provided with information on colour and trends well in advance of the season. In the future all Clariant colour charts will include Modeurop specified colours. Thanks to Clariant’s international presence, Modeurop’s colour information will now reach the most important tanneries worldwide. Marga Indra-Heide, fashion consultant at Modeurop, comments on the cooperation agreement made in October 2009: ‘As a result of our partnership with Clariant, Modeurop colours have been elevated onto the prestigious global stage, adding an international dimension to our business.’ Clariant have years of expertise in colorants and chemicals for leather manufacturing.
Clariant’s leather chemicals lend the various shoe leather grades the properties that are highly valued by the industry and consumers, such as abrasion resistance, lightfastness, water repellency or tear strength. Within the scope of their worldwide Global Shoe Concept, Clariant already offer their customers from the shoe leather industry a world-established fashion trend forecast also interpreting colour previews, future trends and effects on leather.