Tanneries Nouvelle Pechdo, France, specialise in the manufacture of soft cowbelly leathers which they say come from the best European origins and have an average size of 9 sq ft. Because the belly is the softest part of the hide, they have been able to develop garment leathers.

Originally developed for trims on garments, the WA (washable) leathers can be washed in a domestic washing machine and can be combined with fabric or wool. As a general guideline, the leather should be washed in the wool cycle with certain parameters laid down for temperature, acidity and nature of the washing solution. White vinegar is used to reduce the pH to under 5.5.

WA leathers can also be used for gloving. The leather is chrome tanned and available as Naked WA full grain leather, drum dyed and glazed, or as Nubuck WA, buffed, drum dyed leather. The naked version can be pre-washed, All their standard colours are available and others can be produced on request.