During 2003, GDP in Greece increased at a much higher rate than other European countries due to the planned Olympic Games, but on the other hand the state trade deficit and inflation also increased.

The decline in leather production, which began over a decade earlier, continued and many tanneries closed. Most shoes are now imported from China and other Asian countries.

Domestic production of raw materials, particularly hides, is low and some years ago large quantities of hides were imported in order to keep the tanneries supplied. This is no longer the case. Now imports of hides are low and most domestic hides are exported.

The kill in 2003 amounted to 287,000 cattle which was slightly up against 285,000 in 2002; 7,158,560 lambs and sheep, down from 7,357,780; and 4,184,319 goats, down from 4,373,711 a year earlier.

The animal population at the end of 2002 was 637,000 cattle, 9,776,000 sheep and 5,837,000 goats.

In 2002, 652 tons of wet-salted hides were imported while 1,985 tons were exported. However, 1,041 tons of wet-blue hides, 246 tons of croupons and 275 tons of dry hides were also imported.