Universal Leather & Footwear Industries Limited, Karachi, a public limited company, have been striving hard to attain top position in the manufacturing and export of top quality leather from Pakistan. Universal have the capacity to produce 2 million sq ft of leather per month from cow and buffalo hides for shoes, upholstery, leathergoods and garments. Universal Leather are ISO-9001 certified and are recognised in the international market for supply of excellent and consistent quality finished leather comparable to the European leather industry. Their products are exported to 26 countries around the globe. It is a matter of great pride that leathers produced at Universal are supplied to some of the top shoe and leathergoods manufacturers in Europe and Japan. In the past, Universal Leather received merit trophies and this year they have emerged as the leading exporter of finished leather with an export figure of Rs1,518 million, which is the highest figure ever achieved by any company in Pakistan in finished leather exports. This has demanded a great deal of effort and dedication and a highly qualified technical team is working according to internationally accepted modern quality concepts with innovative ideas and huge amounts have been spent on market research and product development.