The new premises of Trumpler Chemicals and Dyes (Jiaxing) Co Ltd, more simply known as TCD, were officially opened in Weitang in Jiaxing province on September 4, two days before the industry gathered in Shanghai for the ACLE. Initially Trumpler served the mainland through Hong Kong, but in 2002 it was decided that the time was right for them to make a major investment in production closer to their customer base.

The new facilities are a joint venture between Trumpler Germany and Trumpler Spain. Once the choice of site had been made and all the permits put in place, the foundation stone was laid on July 23, 2004. It only took eight months to build the factory, offices and laboratories and production actually began in April this year.

Dr Thomas Feigel, chairman of the TCD board, described the foundation of this twelfth daughter company as an important step for a continuous successful development of the Trumpler group in the future. He said Trumpler had been active in China for thirty years with substantial business developed through Trumpler Asia, Hong Kong, with Thomas Lui and his team and via very active and competent agents such as Sam Chou and his entire team.

In addition to the Weitang base, the group have also founded a trading company, Trumpler International Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd in the free trade zone of Waigoaqiao to allow the necessary flexibility to import and export chemicals. TCD will produce selected products for the Chinese market from their four product groups: beamhouse; fatliquors; syntans; dyestuffs.

Peter Wohlmuth, general manager of TCD, said Jiaxing provided a very good environment and location which is close to some very big tanneries. Trumpler have invested in a factory which is able to assure the quality and consistency of all products due to the most modern production facilities. With their laboratory scale tannery they are able to give technical service to their customers and provide training for both customers and dealers.