Trumpler’s new daughter company Trumpler Chemicals and Dyes (Jiaxing) Co Ltd has been commissioned on schedule. The new facility is located about halfway between Shanghai and Haining, one of the main leather making centres in China.

Trumpler Chemicals and Dyes (Jiaxing) Co Ltd (TCD) have been custom designed for the manufacture of a selected range of Trumpler’s products, including beamhouse chemicals, fatliquors, syntans and dyestuffs.

TCD have manufacturing facilities both for powder and liquid products. The total production area comprises some 3,000 m2. Production is scheduled to begin in March/April 2005. In addition to the brand new production facilities, TCD will have sufficient warehouse space available to provide seamless deliveries to customers.

Customer service, and products of the highest quality go hand in hand with Trumpler’s philosophy. Purpose built application, development and quality control laboratories staffed by experienced qualified personnel will be available to support this undertaking.

TCD can be contacted by tel: +86 573 4062882; fax: +86 573 4062798; and email: