On May 16 Tullio Billeri died after a relatively short period of illness. He was 81 years old. He dedicated the major part of his life to the leather industry and to leather processing machines. His long career in the leather sector began in the 40s when still a young man. He dedicated himself together with his brother to the development of new construction technologies in the factory founded by his father, first for the fabrication of agricultural items, later for tannery drums.

In the leather trade the name of Tullio Billeri became quickly synonymous to the construction of tanning drums. His tanning drums rapidly gained consensus all over the world, thanks to the advanced technology and innovative construction, to the superior quality of the materials used, to the competence offered for service and assistance. A tireless worker before being an industrialist, he had such a passion for his work that he regularly forgot what time it was when he was in the workshop. Tullio was one of the forerunners of those who took the Made In Italy label around the world. He was there from the beginning, introducing Italian technology to the global market. At the same time he was an exemplary family man. But on top of this indisputable merit people recognised in him his high professional profile, first rate commercial acumen and great humanity and honesty in his relationship with his workers, his staff and with his clients.

At the Semaine du Cuir Billeri always arrived at the last moment with the drums that were supposed to go on display. Tullio worked with a couple of his faithful and trusted employees all night and in the morning at the opening ceremony the drums were assembled and running and Tullio could receive his customers and friends with his usual smile.

The industry will not forget that smile. The industry will not forget Tullio Billeri.