Cognis and LANXESS in Türkiye are cooperating in a joint venture to supply leather chemicals to Russian tanneries.

Cognis has little experience in Russia and LANXESS (as Bayer) ceased business there after an initial trial. Russian tanners usually import tanning chemicals from well known producers but the new partnership will allow them to order direct from a local warehouse. The new company will be known as Colan and will be headquartered in Moscow.

Ready stocks are maintained for immediate despatch.

The two firms also offer hands-on technical support and will work with local tanners to improve quality from wet-end to finished stage.

Turkish entrepreneur, Ismail Boy and Dr Volkan Candar, Cognis, introduced the new venture to tanners at Moscow’s Roslegprom held September 12-15, 2005, where the pair also organised seminars and spoke on tanning technology.

The market for leather chemicals in Russia is estimated to be about €30 million. If the proposed tax on wet-blue exports materialises, finishing will be affected locally and Colan are well positioned to offer these chemicals.