Some 1,200 plus top-quality exhibitors, from 51 countries and regions, make this the most international of all leather fairs. Since inception in 1984, MM&T has become the premier leather- sourcing platform, covering the entire spectrum of the industry, from raw and finished skins, dyes and chemicals, to equipment and processes.

Focus on Turkey

Turkey will be the Focus Country for the March 2012 MM&T event. The country is well respected within the leather industry for the quality of their raw materials, production standards, and design capability. Forty-three of Turkey’s best known companies, in the fields of leather tanning and production will be represented, alongside those prominent in end-user and fashion production.

Turkey is the second largest leather manufacturer in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Outside China it is the worldwide leader in ovine (sheep) leather processing and doubleface leather production.

Lemi Tolunay, president of Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association and the Turkish Leather Council, said: ‘The Turkish leather industry has a long and respected tradition. We are proud to be the Focus Country at this exhibition. We know that MM&T is the window to the global leather industry and a very special meeting point with our solution partners from all around the world. We are looking forward to meeting our global partners with new opportunities we can offer them in this fast changing market increasingly dominated by the requirements of fashion.’

An entrepreneurial culture mixed with some governmental assistance (mainly aimed at consolidating tanneries in locations where environmental control can be monitored) has been effective in maintaining the high standard of Turkey’s leather sector.