Exports figures for the first nine months of 2003 show that total exports rose by over 30% to just under US$689 million, up from $511 millions in the same period of 2002. Exports to former USSR countries accounted for 58.8%, followed by other European countries with a 44.5% rise (in particular, exports to Bulgaria rose by 251% percent, and Romania 104%), North African countries with a 26.1% increase (exports to Morocco rose by 240.5% and Egypt 126.4%), other OECD countries with a 15.7% rise (exports to Japan rose by 70.7%), as well as EU countries with a 14% increase (exports to France rose by 20%, UK 39.7% and Portugal 37.9%).

Source: ITKIB Secretary-General Office, R&D and Legislations Department