The outlook for shareholders in the UK leather merchants and wholesalers industry looks bleak with only 10 of the Top 45 largest companies delivering a good return on investment. This is according to the latest Top 45 Analysis – Leather Merchants & Wholesalers by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. The Top 45 companies, who constitute 96% of the market, have seen organic growth plateau. As a result they are increasingly looking to capture market share from their competitors. This is creating intense competitive pressures amongst the leading players, resulting in the following alarming statistics:

35 companies are under-performing, delivering less than a 10% return on investment. The average return on investment for these 35 companies is a mere £2.29 per £100 invested. 10 of these companies are loss making, with 6 suffering a loss for the second consecutive year.

David Pattison, senior analyst at Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, comments: ‘Shareholders are the unfortunate victims of unfavourable conditions at the top of the market. I am surprised at the number of leading companies failing to deliver the accepted investment benchmark of a 10% return. Directors of these companies would do well to remember their accountability and commitment to their shareholders. Success is achievable at the top. 10 of the major leather merchants and wholesalers are bucking this market trend by delivering an average 14.2% return on investment. Leather and Grindery Supplies and Ryan Leathers Ltd are two great examples of companies delivering to their shareholders.’

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