‘Appreciation of Leather Making’ is an intensive hands-on five day course giving delegates from all areas of the leather industry the opportunity to experience the practical side of each stage of the leather-making process. The course is designed to provide an understanding of how animal skins are processed and manufactured and how decision-makers, designers and craftsmen can create the best quality products for consumers.

‘Product designers, manufacturers and retailers of fashion, footwear, accessories and furniture will all find this course invaluable. We aim to dispel misinformation and give a better understanding throughout the supply chain of what goes into making a piece of leather’, says Chris Powley-Williams, director of Leather Wise.

‘Our intention is not to turn our delegates into tanners, but to give them an appreciation of behind-the-scenes at a tannery, from sourcing hides to testing for quality standards.’

 During the practical sessions, delegates can expect to get their hands dirty in the production of a piece of leather, which will include unhairing, tanning using dyes and finishing.

The short course will be held in the tannery at BSLT, which is celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the Leathersellers’ Technical College in 1909.

Lunch, refreshments, detailed course material and Leather Identification Kits are included in the price of £795 + VAT per delegate. For further information or to book a place, please email chris@leatherwise.co.uk or telephone 01604 497569.

Visit www.northampton.ac.uk/leathercentenary for details of the BSLT centenary celebrations.