Seta’s (Sociedade Extrativa Tanino de Acácia) staff will attend Tanning Tech again this year. Although Seta exhibit at almost all worldwide exhibitions, Tanning Tech has a particular importance. This event has always allowed the company to meet with all of their worldwide agents and customers, and play a part in the exhibition that sets the fashion trends of the leather industry around the world.

Recently, Seta introduced to tanners a new version of a multi-purpose vegetable extract produced from selected barks from the black acacia tree.

Seta CH combines high astringency properties with good penetration speed. Despite the product’s high astringency levels, Seta CH can be used on all kinds of leathers, especially where a good weight yield is required. Due to the product’s colour and filling properties, Seta CH can be used as a replacement for the ordinary chestnut extract with no detriment to the final characteristics of the leather.

Seta’s R&D has also led to the release of two new protein-based fillers. The combination of selected natural raw materials assures good penetration and a remarkable yield. Seta SF1 and SF2 offer good filling properties, combined with excellent light fastness and exhaustion properties and are, therefore, recommended for leathers with a low fibre density.

Seta’s worldwide agents are able to assist tanners with the leather technology of vegetable extracts, and any other detailed information about Seta’s agent network, products and services may be found on their website []

Hall 34, stand D26-E27