The Incoma arm of the Bergi-Incoma-Tanmac Group have updated their Versus rollercoating machine to process soft leathers. The Versus Soft model is available in a range of sizes 1300, 1800, 2200 and 2400.

The machine is based on Incoma’s successful RS machine and works in reverse mode during operation. The feeding conveyor is comprised of two washable belts where the leather is laid out flat and transported to the coating roller. The speed of the conveyor is synchronised with the speed of the rubber roller in order to optimise the introduction of the leather into the machine. This prevents the leather folding and creasing during feeding.

After the leather has passed through the feed conveyor it is guided by a patented device which feeds the leather through to the coating roller. The new device is supported at its end by Incoma’s compensating unit (also patented) which is in a perfect alignment with the coating roller.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Versus Soft is also made simple as the coating and introduction device can be separated from the feed conveyor in one quick operation. Separation of the roller from conveyor may also be required if a piece of leather becomes stuck to the introduction device. Opening the machine allows the leather to pass through the machine without stopping the coating or rubber feed rollers. The normal working conditions are then re-set using the same control.

An optional doctor blade can be fitted for working in synchro. Four coating cylinders may be stored on the machine and they can be automatically interchanged.