For chrome/vegetable tanning drums the same size drum have shelves 80cm high and alternating shoe pegs. Smaller retanning drums of 4m x 3.5m have shelves which are 75cm high.
Vallero claim that an electrical energy saving of up to 65% can be made and a water saving of 40%. They also claim a 20% saving in chemical usage and  40% increased loading capacity.
Vortex drums are less noisy and improve opening of the hides during processing due to the compressing and sponging mechanical action. Processing can be carried out at low drum speeds which means that hides may have lower cuts and scratches and the final leather quality is higher. During processing the ‘dragon’ shelves move the hides continuously while traditional drums with pegs pick the hides up sporadically and they may not receive the same mechanical action and penetration from hide to hide within the same batch. This is eliminated when using the Vortex system where hides are compressed and squeezed in the liquors and get a better contact with the float.