Over the past 100 years Völpker Montanwachs has gained a worldwide reputation in the production of Montan waxes. Recently, however, they have taken further steps to improve the range of products on offer. They say that their expertise and excellent customer-relations prompted them to embark on a course of expansion which has seen the inauguration of a new laboratory facility and an innovative production line for special wax compounds.

This means that they can now offer tailor-made solutions for customers’ problems and react rapidly to market demands. At the core of VMW’s reputation is their range of tanning products but with more than 100 years of experience, they ‘felt we couldn’t simply rest on our laurels. That’s why we’ve accepted the challenge to invest in the future!’

Völpker Montanwachs GmbH is a medium-sized German enterprise situated between Hannover and Berlin. The company are in private ownership and produce chrome tanning substances, Basochrom (since the 1970s) as well as special waxes and wax compounds.