The six colour groups featured are the refined neutrals of Plus Class, the radiant pastels of Evolving Shapes, the quiet world and moonlit shadow of Magnificent Rural, the spicy old damask shades of Grand Bazaar, the muted pastel colours of dried flowers in Bohemian Reverie and finally the sparkling lively scene of Sungliders.
Plus Class is a celebration of the modern classic style enriched by a 40s heritage with silky surfaces and fluid ladylike shapes. Refined neutral colours range from vanilla cream through pale browns and greys to slightly deeper shades of rose and chocolate. Placed together they create a perfect balance. Evolving Shapes use contemporary design for a look of super elegance with a strong creative value. The results are subtle rubbery surfaces with a look of vivid lustrous plasticity and a gamut of added value shapes that are truly original and exhibit charming and mysterious differences between day and night.
Colours are more radiant ranging from the sensual vanilla, penguin grey and powder blue pastels to vivid Chinese red and the deep brown of peat. Magnificent Rural is inspired by the harmony and strictness of the orient. Shapes are defined by soft lines, strong shapes and free movement. There is an opportunity for a return to the dimensional quality and textures of leather.
The whole atmosphere is created by shadowy dark moonlit colours drawn from clay, trees and straw to play a game of dark and light. Beige and grey underscore a taste for natural clarity, quietness and sobriety.
Grand Bazaar moves round the world to the Middle East with the bustle of its bazaars, quaint streets and tiled mosques. This is a dreamland of sparkling oriental treasure. Spices lead to a world of colour that is deep and warm though slightly bleached as if by the sun with the vivid mid-eastern tones that fire the imagination.
Moving to Eastern Europe brings in the world of Bohemian Reverie with its romantic look. Bohemia is a world of decorations that are extended and exaggerated to maximise the effect of wide shapes. Surfaces are rich and dry nubuck with a romantic washed-out touch.The pastel colours are a muted palette of dry flowers with greys and pinks enlivened by light celeste and beige.
Sungliders is the final group, a world of sparkling, vivid, eye-catching fiction brights, glazed performance surfaces and techno vigour shapes. Sport is launched here with an unlimited view of the universe, space technologies and alien organisms forming the background for shapes, colour and textures. Colours across the spectrum are truly brilliant, truly bright. 
Summer 2009 is a true picture of the interaction of colours from neutrals and pastels through to the brightest shades. The interplay between them provides a fascinating interchange between night and day. The inspiration is thoughtful and beautiful.
The Colour Forecast Poster for the season features eye-catching fashion from Latin countries. It brings back memories of folk dance and fiesta. Look closer and you will see that the memories are created in leather. The colours introduced fall into six groups: Cosmetic Glimpse, Radiant Range, Shadow Play, Spice Luxury, Dehydrated Pastel and Fiction Brights.
‘Cosmetic Glimpse’ colours are refined and shaded neutrals that can be blended together to create a feeling of perfect balance. All are soft, pastel-like tones of cream, brown rose and grey.
Staying with pastel shades, the ‘Radiant Range’ is not just radiant but also magnetic. It has been chosen to give perfect equilibrium for a strong and sensual night life. The colours become brighter and include Chinese Red and Peat, which is an exceptionally deep brown.
‘Shadow Play’ moves colour into the country, creating a world of shadow in the moonlight using the natural earthy colours of clay, trees and straw. Within this group, beige and grey are highly prized as they underscore the taste of natural clarity, quietness and sobriety.
As its name implies, ‘Spicy Luxury’ spices up the colours, firing the imagination with slightly bleached, old damask mixed shades drawn from old towns, tiled mosques and the harem.
‘Dehydrated Pastel’ returns to the world of pastel shades. This is a muted colour palette of dry flowers complemented with greys and pinks enlivened by light celeste and pale beige. These are the colours of the impressionist and old world charm.
Finally there are the ‘Fiction Brights’ creating a fantasy world of vivid colour. Splashed by lights, hypnotic multitudes of dazzling vanes and splintering space nights, the colour scene incorporates bright yellow, green, deep blue, bluebell, ginger and cardinal and burgundy reds.