Elton Hurlow of Buckman Laboratories attended the IULTCS Eurocongress in Istanbul to update delegates on the next IULTCS Congress (XXIX) being held at the J W Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC, USA, from June 20-24, 2007, in conjunction with the 103rd ALCA annual meeting. The last time the international congress was held in Washington was in August 1961 (VII). There will be two keynote addresses, the John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture (ALCA) and the Heidemann Collagen Lecture (IULTCS).

There are earlybird savings of US$50 to be made on registration fees paid up to January 12, 2007, and a further $50 savings for IU members. All attendees must register prior to May 20, 2007, in order to be listed on the Registrants’ Listing.

For updated information go to [http://www.leatherchemists.org] or email: alca@leatherchemists.org