I would like to express a long held (& long overdue) sentiment of deep appreciation for the continued standard of excellence of your Leather magazine. The recent further improvements to the presentation and production are simply first class. You are in a class of your own now.

Thanks to your professionalism I am happy to report that my simple classified ad has already brought us serious interest from Ethiopia to Nicaragua to Tuscany. As a direct result we have right now a sample full container of hides coming from Russia and Australia for tanneries in Mexico.

Lastly, I started advertising with you back in 1995. As a result today we have formed life long friendships that have allowed us to continue to sell a wide variety of the world’s best exotics leathers from Thailand into Italy and thence to all six of the top fashion houses in the entire world (two in Paris – four in Milan).

Congratulations to all of your team – not forgetting your wonderful Ambassador in Mexico, Señora Ceci Pons. You should know that she has helped us in several important ways in Mexico that also changed many lives. Keep it up!

Richard Mott

President, Safari Sales, USA