Italian leather chemical makers ReAl Color introduced a basifying agent, several new fatliquors and two retanning agents at Tanning Tech. A brief description of each is given below.

Basifying agent: Complessobase NB: A beamhouse chemical used after chrome tanning for basification. When using Complessobase NB, there is no risk of chrome precipitation which maybe the case with sodium bicarbonate or soda ash. The tanned leather looks fuller with a fine grain.

Fatliquors: Nurol LMK: Synthetic fatliquor for soft and lightweight leathers. It gives a nice touch with a mellow and full handle. LMK allows good dyeing ability with excellent lightfastness. It penetrates easily into the leather giving it excellent softness, lightness and an even milled look.

Finishvel KN-100: Weakly cationic fatliquor for all kinds of leather. Finishvel KN-100 improves the distribution of the fatliquor into the cross-section and the interfibrillary spaces by enhancing the lubricating effect. The final leather has a soft and full handle.

Nurol CAR: Special fatliquor for automotive leathers. Nurol CAR is particularly suitable for aniline leathers and in formulations for automotive upholstery, garment and any type of soft leather. It gives a nice touch, softness and good fogging performance. It penetrates very well into the leather and allows excellent milling without bleaching the colour.

Nurol STS: Very soft fatliquor for high quality articles. STS has been especially designed for upholstery, garment and soft-leather goods leathers. It deeply penetrates into the leather giving excellent softness and a full handle. Thanks to the particular process of sulfiting, the resulting product is odourless.

Nurol BS3: A fatliquor with excellent softness for lightweight and lightfast leathers. It is AOX free. Nurol BS3 provides the leathers with an excellent softness and a good rounded touch. The final emulsion is very fine and penetrates deeply into all parts of the leather including the bellies, butt and neck. Nurol BS3 is recommended for soft garment, gloving and furniture upholstery leather.

Nurol SC: Nurol SC is an economy oil that is recommended for full grain shoe upper leathers, nubuck and suede leathers. It gives a very good fullness, fine and firm grain with a good touch. After dyeing the leather is very bright and even.

Nurol SR: Fatliquor designed for leathers that require a tight grain character. Nurol SR is suggested for use on shoe upper leathers as well as nubuck, handbag and suede leathers. It supplies a very good fullness, round handle, very firm grain, nice touch and is lightfast. Dyed leathers are bright and even.

Nurol HX: Fatliquor with excellent softness for lightweight and lightfast leathers that is resistant to yellowing. It is AOX free. Nurol HX gives the leather an excellent softness, lightweight feel and fullness. The leather has a mellow handle with a silky touch. Thanks to its good lightfastness properties, it can be used on pastel shades for upholstery and garment articles. Nurol HX is recommended for soft garment, gloves and woolskin leathers.

Nurol QS: Synthetic fatliquor for soft and lightweight leathers. Nurol QS supplies an excellent softness and full, spongy handle.

It has a very good fullness and excellent lightfastness.

Realcoresin RG: Acrylic copolymer for soft and full leathers to be applied in the fatliquor step to improve fullness and softness.

Retanning agents: Realtan P42 Liquid: Retanning syntan for the production of soft, mellow and lightweight leathers. Realtan P-42 produces very soft articles with a fine grain and good fullness. It also improves the evenness of dyestuffs and can be used when making pastel shades. Realtan P-42 liquid has an excellent milling effect on upholstery and garment formulations. It is recommended in recipes for sheepskin and goatskin leather thanks to its filling and softening power.

Realcoresin M-50: Melaminic retanning resin, Realcoresin M-50 has a softening effect and supplies good fullness for all types of leather. It penetrates according to pH: if the pH is acidic it penetrates superficially. If the pH is more than 5.5-6.0 it penetrates deeper into the cross-section leaving the leather softer. It has excellent lightfastness properties.