Stahl recently obtained the rights to market Proviera Probiotics for Leather – a 100% biodegradable alternative to traditional chemicals used in the beaming stage of leather processing. Proviera Probiotics for Leather, which is REACH-certified, enables tanners to produce high-quality leather. At the same time, the effluent load is significantly reduced and the product can be applied for a wide pH and temperature range, offering not only flexibility in application but also a long shelf life.

“The agreement with Proviera Biotech to market Proviera Probiotics for Leather on a global scale is fully in line with [our] ambition to create a better future,” says chief executive officer at Stahl Huub van Beijeren.

Powerful consortium of biochemicals derived from probiotics

Proviera Probiotics for Leather is a revolutionary product and sustainable as well. Nearly 70% of the wastewater from leather production processes comes from beamhouse systems (wet-end). By replacing traditional leather chemicals with 100% natural products at this stage, the environmental benefits are obvious. The secret lies in a powerful consortium of biochemicals derived from probiotics that are used instead of traditional chemicals.

Proviera Probiotics for Leather significantly reduces chemical and water use, waste and time compared with traditional beamhouse systems. In addition, it is possible to improve the leather quality, giving a more relaxed and softer substrate to work with. As the product is 100% biodegradable, it is non-hazardous, non-toxic and exempt from REACH regulations.

Stay Clean technology

To protect surfaces against typical stains, Stahl also developed Stay Clean. This revolutionary coating technology protects pale-coloured leather and vinyl surfaces against common stains, such as dye from jeans, spilled coffee and dirt. Stay Clean is particularly interesting for car interior designers that love to apply pale-coloured materials to create a lush atmosphere. It also makes surfaces low-squeak, which is a great benefit as global research shows that a squeaking car interior is one of the biggest annoyances among car owners.

Besides automotive, the pale-colour trend is also popular among home interior designers. They use it to create a bright and light living environment, of which the popular Scandinavian design is a great example.

“At Stahl, we always strive to optimise our products with a keen eye on the needs of our customers. With Stay Clean, we enable designers to apply pale-coloured materials that will maintain a luxurious appearance for a significant period of time,” adds van Beijeren.

Hindering dirt pick-up

Stay Clean also protects the surfaces by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate. If the surface does get a bit dirty, Stay Clean enables easy cleaning as well. The Stay Clean product range consists of matt and gloss finishes. Specific cross-linkers and surface modifiers enhance the abrasion resistance and touch.