I have read Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano’s letter to Leather with interest. In my view it is in the interest of all developing countries to open their markets to a well defined number of foreign products provided they don’t produce these themselves.

Let’s keep in mind that globalisation has done relatively more for developing countries than for developed countries. For instance, developed countries had no problem with their communications in general after WWII whereas before the introduction of mobile phones there was no way to communicate inland in developing countries from capital cities.

Developing countries need efficient means of transport which doubtlessly they must import. All these practical means should be available without the aggravation of tariffs to all. Tariffs can be slammed on luxury products and those imported products that are in one way or another also manufactured locally.

When India invented ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’ they did a fantastic job to boost local industry, which initially produced terrible quality but then grew and responded to customer demand. I furthermore believe we should allow developing countries, the real developing countries, not the Indian subcontinent or Brazil and Argentina, to protect their natural resources.

I know Gustavo doesn’t like that but I think that it is just fair. For the record I wish to express my appreciation that Cotance also recognizes the fact that ‘so many efforts and financial resources have been spent, notably in Eastern Africa, and the results? What a shame!’

The biggest shame is that we all know that formidable amounts of money are wasted but we are shouting against the storm, against an apparently extremely powerful lobby.

Sam Setter