SATRASure, a revolutionary new care package for SATRA’s test equipment customers, is being launched at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong on April 7-10.

A new uniform price structure has been created which will result in lower prices for many customers. In addition, all equipment will be eligible for a free service/calibration check, subject to order value, by a SATRA representative on the first anniversary of purchase.

Other key benefits of SATRASure include:

-5% discount on all SATRA equipment for SATRA members.

-Free SATRA Test Method for members*

-Installation and on-site service by trained SATRA staff

-Free two-year warranty available

-Prepared for local voltage

-Free starter pack of accessories, where appropriate

-Free delivery on UK mainland for members*

-Workshop calibration

-Certificate of conformity for each machine

-Fully CE marked

-Fully safety compliant to stringent European regulations

-ISO 17025 calibration

-Meets all the requirements for SATRA laboratory accreditation

* Denotes SATRA member

SATRASure is offered in addition to the standard 12-month warranty which still supports every SATRA machine purchased. It does, however, allow customers a flexible approach when selecting the care package that suits them best.

‘Customers will want to ensure that their new SATRA machinery can be relied on to perform to its full potential, as well as provide reliable test results’, says Stephen Andrew, head of SATRA equipment sales. ‘SATRASure is designed to do just that. We feel it is an exceptional care package!

‘SATRA test equipment is also the perfect solution for customers seeking SATRA laboratory accreditation.’

SATRA manufactures and sells a range of 150 items of equipment. These can test for abrasion, adhesion, compression, conductivity, fatigue, slip resistance, safety and strength in the footwear and associated industries.

SATRA personnel on our stand at APLF can explain more, or you can contact directly for information on these and even more benefits of joining SATRASure