[http://www.ukleather.org] – a new promotional opportunity for the UK Leather manufacturing industry is now up and running. The aim of the site is to * promote UK Leather; * demonstrate the benefits of our industry; * extend your existing marketing activity

The Resource Centre, which will be the heart of the website, is now open to entries from eligible companies – UK based manufacturing facilities that employ people in manufacturing in the UK. Register now or contact Sue Ivett for further information.

Sponsored by The Leathersellers Company, the website provides access to information on the UK Leather Federation (UKLF), the re-branded trade association representing the leather manufacturing companies in the UK and dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of UK specific support. For further information on the federation, contact Paul Pearson, UKLF Director, telephone: +44 1604 679917, Fax: +44 1604 679998, Email: paulpearson@uklf.org