TOPIC A: FARMING: Bird selection and breeding: 1.Recent advances in ostrich breeding, by Dr S Cloete. Animal Production Division, Elsenburg Agricultural Centre,South Africa; 2. The Behavioural Variety of Ostriches During Natural Incubation, by Mrs Uschi Braun, Germany; 3. The criteria of maternal line selection, by A Bruznitskyy and Mrs J Kuchinskaya, CJSC ‘Agroyuz’, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

TOPIC B FARMING: Bird feeding and nutrition; TOPIC C FARMING: Bird & chicks management, environmental conditions. TOPIC D INDUSTRY: Skin standards, grading, marketing, economics and business: 9. Ostrich leather and skin: international market, by Andido Carrillo, Spain; TOPIC E INDUSTRY: Meat standards, carcase quality, yields and cuts, marketing, economics, business, product and processing, food safety, HAACP; TOPIC F INDUSTRY: Fat & oil, quality, products.

TOPIC G: Other topics and general aspects: 13. Ostrich performance indicators, by Alan Stables, Spain; 14. The ratite industry in Nigeria: Problems and prospects, by Dr S O Peters. Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogunstate, Nigeria; 15.The Situation of Ostrich in Egypt, by Prof Dr Mohamed A Kosba, Poultry Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture. University of Alexandria. El- Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt; 16. The World Ostrich Association, by Stan Stewart, chairman World Ostrich Association; 17. An overview of the American Ostrich Association and the status of the industry in America, by Dr C Price, DVM.