German company Zins Ziegler Instruments have launched their stick-slip test stand SSP-01. When leather is brought into contact with other materials, this can cause unwanted squeak and groan noises and friction. Warranty complaints and loss of brand image can result from this problem. There are many effective solutions to these stick-slip problems, eg by placing suitable materials together, using a surface graining or covering the materials with an anti-friction coating.

OEMs have been requesting test certificates from their suppliers for years but there had not been a uniform standard until now. The VDA in Germany has now issued standard VDA 230-206 that recommends an objective investigation of the stick-slip behaviour of pairs of materials. A sub-clause deals particularly with leather.

The test stand SSP-01 fulfils all testing conditions that are laid out in the new VDA standard from the conditioning of the specimen through to the final test report. The test stand is an essential device for avoiding disagreements between suppliers and OEMs and guarantees that no annoying noises will occur when leather is combined with another material.