Zschimmer & Schwarz have a worldwide acknowledged professional competence in the field of wet-end processes. All their leather auxiliaries are produced in Germany, guaranteeing a constant high level of quality.

In Hong Kong Zschimmer & Schwarz will present a range of leathers and working methods, demonstrating the manifold uses of their auxiliaries.

For the production of the different shoe upper leather types, from light to heavy, from soft to hydrophobic, various products of the Dolagen, Pelgrassol, Pellastol and Provol range are on hand.

With Pellastol X as the main fatliquor component and the skillful addition of Provol 100 or Provol BA, almost all degrees of softness and touch are possible.

For hydrophobic leather types Dolagen HFN in combination with Dolagen HSL and Dolagen S are recommended. Automotive leathers of highest requirements are achieved with Prinol CRC, Prinol F-GB and Prinol CA-D.

Technical experience and the extensive product range allow Zschimmer & Schwarz to offer their customers a worldwide problem- solving competence for any kind of leather during the wet-end processes.

Stand 1B12, Hall 1