Zschimmer & Schwarz will present leathers and working methods for shoe upper leather, clothing, upholstery and automotive leather in Bologna.

In each field, Zschimmer & Schwarz have the professional expertise for the wet-end processes.The following products will be highlighted:

Prinol CRC is a most suitable pre-fatliquoring agent for automotive leathers. Prinol CRC has a positive effect on the distribution of natural fat, on the heat yellowing and on the fogging, VOC and FOG values.

Prinol F-GB is a recently-introduced, mostly synthetic fatliquor for automotive leather and other soft leather types. Prinol F-GB is stable against heat-yellowing, odourless and with low total emissions.

For the retannage of all leather types, Dolatan F is used as a replacement syntan with a low free-formaldehyde content.

Novaltan V is a suitable filler for automotive leather. It does not form free aldehyde under heat influence. Novaltan V increases the cutting area by reducing loose flanks.

The extensive product range and the many years of technical experience allow Zschimmer & Schwarz to offer their customers worldwide problem solving competence for any kind of wet-end processes.

Hall 32, stand C15