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When will it end? Reviewing the Dhaka tannery impasse

On August 13 a revised proposal for the relocation of Dhaka’s tanneries – responsible for mass pollution and severe health problems amongst workers and the local populace – was placed before the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council. It is the latest development in a ten-year standoff between tanneries and Bangladeshi authorities. Jack Wittels traces the history of the conflict and reviews the government’s new policy proposal

Brazil: Beef sales hit six year high

Brazilian beef exports during July totalled 105,100 tonnes swt, up 20% on the previous month and the highest volume since July 2007(MDIC).

Botswana: Leather park project falls through

Plans for the construction of a P240 million leather-works park in Lobatse, Botswana, have been cancelled due to lack of funds. Those behind the project had forecast the creation of 5,000 jobs.

UK: Bentley moves into fashion

Iconic British car brand Bentley has created a new line of handbags, the result of a collaboration between Daniele Ceccomori, head of Bentley product design, and French leather goods designer Vincent du Sartel.

Extracts from the SauerReport: Sep 2013

As we go into the summer shut-down, the volume of news is now quickly reducing. More of our sources are going on holiday and the players still in the game find the holidays too close and the general situation too unsure to still conclude lots of new business. This mainly involves European sellers, traders and tanners, of course. The America-Asia business will go on as always.

Bangladesh: Relocation proposal doubles in price

The Bangladesh government is set to approve the second revised proposal for relocating tanneries from the capital’s Hazaribagh district to Savar, increasing the original project cost by 98%.

Cute stuff: traditional artisanal tanneries

The leather industry supplies the raw material for the manufacturing industry and I think it would be nice to dedicate a Limeblast to the very small players who struggle to survive as they don’t have tanning laboratories, design or export departments and, hence, work day to day, hand to mouth, the way their forbearers have traditionally worked.

Jamaica: Inner-city residents complete leather craft course

Twenty Kingston residents have completed a leather craft and business development course, enabling them to produce belts, wallets and purses and better enabling them to earn a livelihood.

Italy: Retailers look overseas

Italy’s trade and industry association, Confindustria, has urged local retailers to look into expansion in overseas market to improve the export performance of its high-end brands.

Ethiopia: Leather export performance fails to reach targets

Ethiopia earned $123.4 million in leather exports over the fiscal year 2012/13, it has been announced.