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Getting back to work

Tanneries are set to keep investments on sustainability regardless of Covid-19. Sabrina Auler reports on why the industry believes clear manufacturing and fair trading are still essential despite the downturn brought on by the pandemic.

Industry, resilience and sustainability

In a sector that stands to benefit greatly from the increasing use of digital technology and the implementation of industry 4.0 tools, there is a great opportunity to improve sustainability. Jim Banks speaks to the president of Assomac, Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, about how the industry can adapt, and how sustainability can be about more than resource efficiency and the environment.

View from the US

The US health situation with the Covid-19 pandemic was still very much in flux at the end of June, with many areas of the country putting the brakes on reopening because of rising cases. Across the country, as well as the globe, demand was slow to recover through June, in turn putting more pressure on the hide market. Moreover, for much of the spring, China was the largest customer for US hides and only at the close of June did buyers from other countries start to enter the market at any appreciable level.

Hide nor hair

Leather International presents edited extracts from ‘A novel preservation-cum-unhairing process for sustainable leather manufacturing: an unconventional approach in leather making’ by J Raghava Rao, M Sathish, R Aravindhan and P Thanikaivelan.