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Modern Meadow moves headquarters to New Jersey

Modern Meadow, the biofabrication company pioneering biologically advanced materials, announced its long-anticipated move to a state-of- the-art laboratory and pilot manufacturing site at ON3, the former Hoffmann-La Roche campus in Nutley, New Jersey.

US hides and leather industry welcomes research report documenting less cattle branding

The US Hide, Skin and Leather Association (USHSLA) applauded a new report issued by the US cattle industry that highlights continued improvements in cattle hide quality in recent years. The report, which tracks US cattle and beef industry quality statistics over time, found that, in 2016, nearly three quarters of all harvested steer and heifer beef animals did not contain any hot-iron branding marks. Of those branded, the majority were located on the butt of the animal, which is the hide and leather industry’s preferred location for branding.

A new environmental awareness – Silvateam research

In Silvateam research and application laboratories, skilled chemists and experienced leather technicians continuously search for quality improvements and environmentally friendly innovations that support the sustainability of its customers. Leather International reports on how the company is continuing to work actively in reducing the carbon footprint of its products and cooperate with its customers in the ecodesign of low-impact tanning processes of the industry value chain.

High hopes and great expectations – India International Leather Fair

Despite enduring some domestic challenges, the Indian leather sector looks to showcase its ongoing potential at the India International Leather Fair, which will take place 1–3 February 2016 at the Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam in Chennai.

Set the right objectives – Cotance Objective 2025

As the representative body of the European leather industry, Cotance has been engaging in a series of seminars throughout the continent to set goals and tackle intentions for the sector. Leather International attended the Alcanena discussion seminar on trade issues in October as part of the ‘Objective 2025’ initiative.

Developmental discussions – BASF

Even though it is subject to increasing regulations across the globe, the automotive sector continues to offer opportunities to the leather industry as it becomes a desirable interior for emerging economies. To embrace this trend, BASF is organising workshops to highlight how its products can go above and beyond these new regulations to complement a variety of leather finishes.

Ecological with the truth – Sam Setter’s Limeblast

Just because the word ‘eco’ is slapped in front of something does not mean it is a saviour for the planet. Sam Setter goes beyond glossy terminology to find out what is really going on behind the scenes in the world of eco-leather.

Enter the matrix – collagen with James San Antonio

During the Heidemann Lecture at the 2015 IULTCS Congress in Novo Hamburg, Brazil, on 24–27 November, James San Antonio, supervising senior scientist at Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, presented work from ‘Collagen biology meets medical device technology’, a collaboration with other distinguished colleagues, on new research into collagens, and how better understanding them is leading to discoveries and application within the leather industry.

Under the skin – collagen restructuring

Though it may be in the cultural zeitgeist due to its value in cosmetic procedures for those unabashed at getting a body tune-up, collagen also plays an essential part in tanning and the leather industry. Professor Dobre Jovanoski, an international leather expert and chemical engineer, breaks down the triple helix to show the science behind the substance.

Inspiring times – TFL trends

As the seasons slip from one to another, trends can wax and wane with different moods and inspirations taking the essence of design in inspired new directions. With its finger firmly on the pulse of new upcoming trends, TFL is looking to the future with the visions for spring-summer 2017, and its ‘Wearing’ and ‘Living’ sections showcasing the different areas of vibrant life and style.