Corichem offer many new products

21 November 2005

Corichem have a great number of new products which range from the beamhouse, through tanning and retanning to the finishing department. Here we list just a few.&rtreturn;Tanning agents include Soletan HPE which is an ivory powder, easily soluble in water and compatible with all tanning agents (both vegetable and synthetic). Soletan HPE can be used alone for white tanning, where it gives good light-fastness, fullness and soft touch. It can also be used as a pre-tanning agent for sheepskins where it facilitates a good distribution of the chrome and promotes a uniform shaving, particularly on the butt. Soletan HPE is particularly suitable for the retanning of chrome and/or vegetable-tanned skins to obtain a fine and firm grain and a good fullness and good buffability. Soletan HPE is also recommended as an economic tanning agent for the production of white skins.&rtreturn;Tanning auxiliaries include Neutralizzante LS/1 which is a greatly effective neutralising and retanning agent which is suitable for all kinds of chrome-tanned skins. Neutralizzante LS/1 displays intense buffering capacity and, as opposed to some traditional neutralising agents, does not create excessive neutralising of the skins. These properties help to achieve soft and mellow leather for upholstery and garment leather. Thanks to its anionic character, it improves the penetration and the distribution of the retanning, dyeing and fatliquoring products. Neutralizzante LS/1 has good lightfastness and is, therefore, suitable to produce white skins. Recommended amounts for use vary between 2% and 4% according to the degree of softness and type of article required.&rtreturn;For fatliquoring, Coriliker OMC is a natural and synthetic fatliquor compound which can be easily emulsified in water. By using the product, it is possible to achieve excellent softness and fullness evenly distributed all over the surface of the skin while keeping the leather light. Coriliker OMC displays excellent yellowing-fastness and good ageing stability. Amounts for use should be based on the effects required.&rtreturn;Coriliker GM 04 is a fatliquor free of mineral oil with a high softening power and a very good stability against electrolytes and hard water. It can be used on all kinds of leather articles. Coriliker GM 04 is especially recommended for fatliquoring pigskins and for fatliquoring leathers for gloves. It has an excellent emulsification and penetration power. Coriliker GM 04 can be used alone or in combination with other fatliquors, helping the penetration of the fatliquoring mix.&rtreturn;Corfat MBR is a fatliquoring blend that lubricates throughout the whole section of the skin, helping the penetration of other natural and/or sulfated oils being used as part of the fatliquoring mix. Corfat MBR imparts fullness and softness to the leather. It is used for the fatliquoring of upholstery leathers and for soft shoe upper articles and soft leathergoods.&rtreturn;Corfat 49 is a natural lecithin-based fatliquor for the production of nappa. It can also be used whenever articles with low specific weight and a very natural touch are required. This product can be used alone to produce light and soft skins, or blended with sulfonate and sulfite oils to enhance softness and roundness of leather handle.&rtreturn;Corfat FI is a synthetic fatliquor with moderate resistance to electrolytes and high lightfastness. It is possible to achieve leather softness comparable with a sulfited fatliquor. Thanks to its characteristics, Corfat FI can be added to the baths without diluting beforehand because it penetrates rapidly and deeply. Corfat FI is particularly recommended for high quality aniline nappa or velour because it enhances softness and promotes even distribution of tanning matter. The product gives a soft and elastic feel to the leather, with a very low specific weight. Colours are pure and bright.&rtreturn;In the field of dyeing, Coranil H56 is an auxiliary agent that promotes the penetration and dispersion of dyes during the dyeing process. Thanks to its excellent characteristics, it provides an extraordinary levelling effect. The percentages necessary vary from 0.5%, when used as a levelling agent, to 2% when it is used as a penetrator.&rtreturn;With retanning agents, Coretan EK is a synthetic resin in water solution specifically formulated to give greater fullness and firmness to the skin, obtaining a very fine grain. It gives good results on every kind of skin, including skins to be glazed or milled; it can also be used on white skins because Coretan EK has excellent lightfastness. The recommended amounts for use go from 2% to 5% according to the structure of the skin and the article required.&rtreturn;Coretan MM/C is an acrylic resin in water solution specially formulated to enhance better fullness and firmness to the skin. Due to its particular softness, it is suitable to produce upholstery, garment and glove leather. By using Coretan MM/C it is possible to support loosely structured parts of the skin and consequently it enables a fine and very uniform grain after milling. The recommended amounts for use go from 3% to 5% depending on the structure of the leather and the required article.&rtreturn;Waterproofing agents offer Corifob B as a fatliquor with high waterproofing capacity. It can be used successfully on all kinds of tanned-chrome skins and it is particularly suitable to produce footwear articles. Depending on the quantity of product used, it is possible to get various degrees of waterproofing. A final treatment with chrome salts is advised (use about 2.5-4% of salts with rotation of 60 minutes) to ensure fixation of Corifob B on the skins. Instead of chrome, aluminium or zirconium salts can be used.&rtreturn;Lacquers provide Corimatt W 14 as a nitro-emulsion with medium plasticity used as an intermediate coat before embossing or milling operations. Corimatt W 14 is used diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.5. The hallmark features of this emulsion are its dry feel and its good topping ability.&rtreturn;Corigloss W G is used as a final top coat for leathergoods, footwear and garment leathers, enhancing the dry and wet rubbing fastness properties of any leather finished with it. Leather finished with Corigloss W G also has very good flexion properties on account of its high plastifying level. This product creates a smooth, pleasant, brilliant surface, with good plate release on hot ironing. Corigloss W G is sprayed after dilution with water in ratio 1:0.5 or 1:1, sometimes blended with polar organic solvents, enhancing the grade of shine and improving the general fastness. It can also be used as an additive in resin base coats in order to improve overall physical properties and to reduce stickiness during ironing and release from horse.&rtreturn;Corigloss S 900 is a plasticised glossy nitro-cellulose which gives a natural touch. Corigloss S 900 is used to finish full grain leathers, imparting good resistances to wet and dry rubbing fastness and to dry-milling. Corigloss S 900 can also be used in combination with anilines to obtain cloudy effects.&rtreturn;Corimatt S 659 is a medium plastified matt nitro-cellulose. It can be diluted with usual thinners. Corimatt S 659 is a general top coat that can be used on polymeric base coats and it confers a good dullness. The leather appears soft, silky and having a very natural feeling. Corimatt S 659 gives very good dry and wet rubbing fastnesses. It is applied by spraying, after dilution by usual organic thinners (esters, ketones).&rtreturn;

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