Pietro Torielli passed away on 6 December 2013. He was born in Vigevano on 13 May 1938. When he had completed his studies at Northampton Technical College he joined the company producing machinery for the footwear industry his father, Pietro Torielli senior, had founded in 1924. In 1966 Pietro Torielli was already chairman of the family company, Torielli Spa, and was driving international development forward.

During the 80s and 90s he expanded the distribution network with branches in strategically vital points. This meant Torielli in Madras, now Chennai, New Delhi, Torielli do Brasil Ltda and Torielli Far East, as well as the Australian Torielli Shoe Machinery Pty Ltd and Torielli South Africa Pty Ltd. The branches ensure fast, competent sales and after–‐sales service. In 1986 the Italian government acknowledged Torielli’s international achievement when Prime Minister Bettino Craxi awarded Pietro Torielli with an Export Prize marking the 50th anniversary of the Italian republic, reserved for the top 100 outstanding Italian industries that had successfully promoted the "Made in Italy" concept worldwide. Pietro Torielli was also European Chairman for the Technical Committee on safety regulations for footwear machinery; Chairman of the European Federation of Machinery Producers for Footwear, Leatherwear and Tanning (CEMCC) and a consultant working for the Indian government on their "National Leather Development Programme". He was currently a member of Unido’s "Leather Panel", the organisation that outlines worldwide strategies for the leather and footwear sector of an agency reporting to the United Nations and Chairman of the Italian/ Iranian Footwear/Leather Workgroup that had been set up under the aegis of both national governments. Pietro Torielli was also unstinting in his service and commitment to his native area and in 2000 was appointed Vice President of the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation. He had previously held the position of councillor, and subsequently President, of the National Consortium of Sts Crispian and Crispinian. He had held the position of member of the ASSOMAC steering committee, the Italian Association for manufacturers of machinery for footwear, leatherwear and tanning, and had also held the position of President of the Association from 1995 to 1999, fostering its development and the international profile of the industrial sectors represented by ASSOMAC on an international level.