BASF will introduce a new process innovation to Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) 2017 that helps brand owners meet ecological requirements while enhancing product quality, especially for premium and automotive leathers.

The process predominantly uses polymeric chemistry to avoid conventional syntans and vegetable extracts during the wet end stage of production, resulting in high light fastness and dyeing efficiency, together with low residual monomers in the leather.

“The landscape of the leather industry today is very dynamic,” says Matthias Halusa, vice-president, Leather Chemicals. “Performance and ecological requirements have become more demanding and sophisticated. Staying close to our business partners has helped us to customise our solutions to meet differing needs on both a global and regional level.

“We are delighted to be back at APLF with new leathers developed using our specially formulated chemistry and innovative processing.”

BASF will be located at Booth 1A-F10 during APLF 2017, which takes place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition from 29−31 March.