The blockchain revolution, which promises to change the way many transactions are processed and logged, is coming to the leather industry. Applied DNA Sciences and tech specialists Everledger are joining forces to develop a special application to provide certification and assurance for high-end brands and products.

Everledger says its blockchain platform provides a tool to track the provenance of goods in order to deliver transparency as well as asset protection. The tool is currently used in a number of industries including diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery.

Under the terms of the project, Everledger and ADS will work together to develop its CertainT platform that embeds DNA into products in to provide tags and to test and track products to help assure authenticity, origin, traceability, sustainability and quality.

“We are expanding the breadth and depth of our CertainT platform solution to existing customers while also positioning us for potential customers on their journey to digitising their supply chains," says Judy Murrah, chief information officer of Applied DNA. "We strive to allow our customers to have more transparency and accountability in their supply chains to the benefit of all stakeholders, whether financially, operationally, or in social responsibility."

Everledger founder and CEO Leanne Kemp adds: "If an asset does not have an identity, it does not have ownership, value or existence. In the high-end products market, authenticity, provenance as well as value, cannot be separated. By incorporating a forensic layer to uniquely identifying an asset, we can provide the added confidence in the data captured and tracked on our blockchain-enabled platform."