Leather House Bottega Veneta’s will soon have a larger home. The luxury house, owned by Kering, announced this week it will expand its Veneto-based Manifattura Veneta Pelletterie manufacturing company. Financial details on the investment were not provided.

The plans are for the new 64,583 square foot unit located in Povolaro di Dueville, near Vicenza, to house around 200 employees by the end of 2020, when completion is expected. The company made a pledge to hire 100 workers following the completion of the site, where it will also host training programmes as part of its Bottega Veneta’s Leather Goods Masters School.

In a statement, Bottega Veneta said the move reflects “its journey towards internalisation to maintain a standard of excellence and allow for the flexibility to quickly respond to creative requests.”

Formed as a joint venture in May 2011, Manifattura Veneta Pelletterie is today fully controlled by the label. The manufacturing company currently has two complexes located in Altavilla Vicentina and Malo, both near Vicenza. According to the brand, the plants account for the production of more than 50% of the label’s leather goods; such as bags, shoes, belts, and small accessories.

Around 20 supply chain partners, including off-site laboratories employing 380 workers, are also part of the manufacturing company.