Data presented by SECEX (Secretariat of Foreign Trade) of the Ministry of Economy show that May exports totaled US$119.3 million.

The total exported in square meters was 11.2 million in May, 26.1% lower than May 2021, and 4.9% less than in April, when the total was 11.8 million m2.

The first five months of the year totaled US$551.8 million, a decrease of 1.6% compared to the same period in 2021, and 21.9% lower in area, with 60.2 million square meters.

The loosening of restrictions in China has not yet had an impact on the sector's exports. The biggest market for Brazilian and global leather still presents uncertainties, generating fear and influencing the purchasing decisions of local importers.

May showed further declines in values ​​(-8.5%) and volumes (-26.1%), compared to the same month of 2021. This movement started in April, because until March the values ​​were growing.

The Center for the Brazilian Tanning Industry says that when they analyzed the volumes exported monthly, from January to May of this year, compared to the same months of 2020, this was the only month that showed growth in area. However, it is important to remember that the most critical period of the pandemic for the sector began that year, with the negative apex in June, recording the lowest value exported in more than 20 years.