Tanneries and locations: The group has a total of eight tanneries. Six tanneries are located around the Arzignano district in Italy and one tannery in Brazil and one in Indonesia.

  • 1. Conceria Mastrotto
  • 2. Mastrotto Italia
  • 3. Tecnoconceria
  • 4. Linea Pelle
  • 5. Elle-pi
  • 6. Duma (Duma Automotive)
  • 7. Mastrotto-Reichert, Cachoeira, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
  • 8. PT Mastrotto Indonesia, Bogor, East Java

Tannery employees: 2022

Production: With a turnover of 500 million euro in 2008 the company specialise in processing bovine and calf leathers for all types of footwear upper, leathergoods, garment and furniture/automotive upholstery. They process through the whole tanning chain from raw hides, tanned, crust to finished leather.

Key customers/brands: Leading Italian and international brands for footwear (safety sports, fashion, technical) as well as OEM’s and aftermarket customers in the automotive, aircraft and shipping industries.

Other information: Gruppo Mastrotto was founded by the father of Bruno and Santo Mastrotto, Arciso in 1958. Since then they have grown to become one of the leading groups in the world. A key to their success has been a close attention and research into new innovations, fashion and new trends. The group is now present in 80 countries worldwide through sales offices and warehouses.