Four important themes dominate the 2009 spring-summer fashion scene: Globe Trotter takes a fresh look at ethnic fashion and this is reflected in washed spicy colours like Caradamon Pod or Pink Peppercorn. Exotic Paradise deals with truly rich tones which reflect exotic wildlife or perhaps a tropical rain forest. Shiny and iridescent effects underline the brightness of this summer glamour. Kinablu and Scarlet Ibis are two colour names which mirror intensity and power. Fashion also thrives on opposites and contrast: military manoeuvres stands for ‘battle dress code’ with camouflage prints and ideas borrowed from army uniforms and vehicles, with softer shades from light beige to greenish browns. Future Form sets a futuristic mood, coloured with lightning metallics or pale lunar tints. Enriched with soft colours like Moon Dust, Milky Way or Solar White, this theme offers a new style which can be styled on sportswear or glamorous, high fashion articles.
The four colour and trend directions create a perfect balance for this happy season. All colours are illustrated by real leather samples showing the wet-end formulations which incorporate Clariant’s new Medioderm dyes to cover all your dyeing needs for these exciting new concepts. The finishing recipes are based on Clariant’s innovative Neosan 2000 and PPE Pigment range.
Colours create fashion and set the trends for tomorrow. This is the reason why Clariant are continually developing their fashion activities on an international basis. International resources and intelligence coupled with Italian design flair really makes the difference. All of the highlighted leather articles will be made locally, as close as possible to the market and customers’ needs, ensuring a fast response because nothing changes as quickly as fashion colours and styles.