Under the motto: Sense the difference. Feel the fashion. Clariant will show innovative highlights from wet end to finishing. New specifications constantly require new adjustment and innovation. The following new products, techniques and application systems will be presented during the fair:
Highlights from the wet end will be innovative systems for full and soft chrome or chrome free leathers. Clariant continues to use leading edge technology in order to provide chemicals that meet today’s requirements for ecological, innovative and aesthetically pleasing leathers, while giving the tanner maximum added value and process simplicity.
Just to mention some of them: chrome free leather, using pretanning system Granofin FCC Liquid in synergy with the retanning agent Tanicor SCU Liquid and the brand new development Tanicor RS-31 Liquid.
Tergotan PMB Liquid and Tergotan TSP Liquid are intelligent polymer retanning agents for even softness, tightness and grain pattern.
Derminol SJB Liquid and Derminol NLM Liquid fatliquors can be combined at different ratios to impart softness together with grain lubrication and tightness to the leather.
New and innovative fatliquors for today’s (and tomorrow’s) leathers are Dermaphob WA-70 Liquid and Dermaphob Wax-200 Paste. These work together to give every tanner the perfect solution to high specification water-proof leathers; both traditional and pull-up types are possible when using the new Clariant systems.
Derminol DDS Paste and Derminol PUA Paste are the new Clariant solution for the production of vegetable type and pull-up leathers. Marked by their ease of application, excellent burnish/polishability and pull-up properties, these two new fatliquors offer tanners the perfect solution for producing beautiful and consistent vegetable and pull-up type leathers.
Melioderm dyestuffs for the ultimate in performance will cover all of your dyeing needs. With superior dyeing properties for all types of leathers. Outstanding fastness levels, complete colour spectrum, excellent dyeing yield, highly economical, for universal use and brilliant shades.
With the three new members of the Derma® Soft Dyestuff range, Clariant present an outstanding solution for perfect level dyeing combined with excellent fastness properties, flexibility and an increased depth of shade.
The three new dyestuffs Derma Soft Beige, Derma Soft Yellow Brown and Derma Soft Red Brown give the same perfect levelness and high fastness properties but with approximately twice the intensity of shade of the original members of the Derma Soft range. As with the rest of the range, there is no need to add separate dispersing or levelling agents either before or during the application of these special dyestuffs.
From the finishing side, profitable upgrading techniques for higher cutting yields give added value with a natural look. Clariant offer complete tailor-made solutions that really pay dividends. Finishing techniques for upgrading using Melio Aquabase/Melio Ground systems demonstrate solutions for the low grade raw materials currently available which also meet the current requirements of the market.
Melio Aquabase M-88 is a product with high filling substances used to cover deep defects, in order to make them invisible after finishing. It is applied by hand with a spatula. The application is extremely simple due to the special composition which makes it easy to apply without drying too fast and creating clumps and also buffing without smearing. Melio Aquabase M-88 is suitable for a wide range of leathers, including automotive, shoe upper and upholstery leathers.
Melio Aquabase RN-03 and Melio Aquabase RN-04 are very strong filling products especially developed for reverse roller coater application. Both products are used to fill up deep crust defects to make them invisible after finishing. Melio Aquabase RN-03 has the lower viscosity; Melio Aquabase RN-04 the higher. Both products can be mixed easily to adjust the viscosity to achieve the best results possible. These two products can be used for various leathers, for example car upholstery, furniture, shoe upper (eg brush-off and college type), splits etc.
New Aqualen Top LN.A is Clariant’s new ecological top coat product for aqueous patent leather imitation. It was developed to meet highest requirements of both gloss level and physicals. Aqualen Top LN.A is an aqueous, modified, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. Leathers finished with Aqualen Top LN.A are distinguished by their beautiful brilliance and depth of gloss. The application can be done as usual by reverse roller coater.
Due to market demands Aqualen Top LN.A was also developed to allow application by spraying techniques. This new and really unique characteristic offers the finisher a new world of application possibilities.
Aqualen Top DC-2050 (dull) and Aqualen Top GC-2051 (gloss) is a brand new development especially for soft leathers such as furniture leather or shoe upper nappa.
Both products can be mixed in any ratio in order to adjust the desired level of gloss or dullness. Common for both products and so for the whole system is the very elegant optic as a result of the softness, very high resistance to both rubbing and flexing, no hardening even after long period of time, a very natural appearance and pleasant feel.
Aqualen Top DP-HW is based on a polymeric duller and is especially developed for upholstery including the aftermarket. Aqualen Top DP-HW imparts a very high dulling degree and is usually combined with a glossy component out of the Aqualen Topcoat range. High level abrasion resistance can be reached with Aqualen Top DP-HW.
Top coats dulled with Aqualen Top DP-HW are distinguished by a very low repolishability even when very dull, a natural aspect and a warm and pleasant smooth handle. Intense colours on a low gloss level can be kept to a high degree, especially important for deep black shades.
Combinations with other dull or glossy top coat products from the Aqualen range can be made, eg for ‘Kuppenglanz’ or ‘shiny tips’ introduce Aqualen Top D-2012.B.
Neosan  2000 –  the intelligent pigment system – is a pioneering casein free aqueous pigment dispersion offering new customised solutions with outstanding advantages. Arizona proofed for outstanding heat and light fastness as well as hot light ageing properties.
It is a perfect match with their brand new Pelcroma Computer Colour Matching.
Pelcroma is the solution that fits: in conjunction with Neosan 2000 pigments, accurate, true and brilliant colours are assured.
Supronil HK dyes, Clariant’s very well established range, is extended by three new fashionable shades.
Melio Ground UP – a new dimension of pre-base, offers high filling and sealing while maintaining the crust’s softness. Easy to apply and amazing in results! Melio Ground UP beautifies every leather but was especially developed to upgrade without loading the grain. Suitable for plated, embossed, corrected grain leathers and also for those with a damaged grain. With universal application possibilities in furniture, garment leathers and shoe upper nappas.
Melio Wax PO-408-US is the new, very effective pull-up wax for conventional and water-resistant pull-up leathers. Melio Wax PO-408-US combines in a perfect way a strong pull-effect with a rich and pleasant feel and also very high Maeser results.
Melio Coater P-30 is a new, medium-soft universal pu for shoe upper, furniture and car upholstery leathers. Melio Coater P-30 is distinguished by very high covering power, physical properties, solvent resistance and also light resistance.
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