COTANCE, the representative body of the European leather industry, welcomes the sustainability ambitions described in the Fashion Pact subscribed by 32 luxury and fashion brands, many of which are good customers of European tanners. We look forward to it that G7 leaders support this important initiative and hope that the target of 20% of the global fashion industry in terms of volume is soon achieved for delivering the aimed environmental benefits. 

The European leather industry shares the aims expressed in the 7-page Fashion Pact and is committed to contributing to those objectives that allow reaching them. 

COTANCE has been pioneering in sustainability initiatives for the leather industry, developing instruments capable to account, deliver and certify best practice in social accountability and environmental performance. European tanners are frontrunners in developing the product category rules for the environmental footprint of leather, for social and environmental reporting and for health and safety at tannery workplaces. The instruments developed are moreover open standards and freely available to any tanner worldwide. COTANCE furthermore cooperates in many cross-sector initiatives within Intergovernmental organisations, such as OECD, UNIDO or UNECE, or with private bodies such as ICEC, LWG, SAC, ZDHC, that support the ongoing environmental good practice and innovation of the leather industry.