With a diverse array of innovation and trends for the leather and fashion industries, the CSCB Sustainability Forum was officially launched with the theme "What is the Return on Investing in Sustainability?" This year the event will take place on the afternoon of 8 November at the SENAI Institute of Technology in Leather and the Environment in Estância Velha (RS. Brazil) – a world reference in research and training for professionals in the tannery industry.
The forum is run by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) with the support of the Brazilian Leather project – an initiative of the CICB and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for the international export of Brazil's leathers. Gold sponsorship of the CSCB Sustainability Forum is from JBS Couros and Química Carioca. Silver Sponsors were SystemHaus and Euro-America. Inscriptions are limited and can be made at: forum2018.cicb.org.br.
The event's central theme reflects a fundamental point on the application of planning, labour, and capital in the pillars of sustainability: the results of all these efforts will provide for the company and society as a whole. As the executive president of the CICB José Fernando Bello explains, creating the lectures and inviting specialists sheds light on the main challenges of sustainability in the leather industries and their respective aspects of positioning, strategy, and proven positive results. "This year's programme includes highly representative personalities from the national and international field, which should promote a rich dialogue between markets and deep reflection on the paths of our sector in both domestic consumption and exports," he says.

CSCB Sustainability Forum lectures include: 

  • Challenges for leather in a hyper-connected world – Marco Chaparro (Transa Inc) and Rafael Andrade (Marketing Brazilian Leather)
  • Leather and sustainable design in the furniture industry – Pedro Enger (Brava Forma), Rodrigo Brenner (Furf Design Studio) and Maurício Noronha (Furf Design Studio)
  • The environmental footprint of leather – Primiano De Rosa-Giglio (UNIC / Lineapelle, Italy)
  • An expanding market: certified leather and sustainability – Calçados Bibi and Arezzo & Co.


The CSCB Sustainability Forum
Thursday, November 8th
Time: all afternoon
Place: SENAI Institute of Technology in Leather and the Environment 
(Rua Gregório de Matos, 111, Estância Velha – RS)
Limited registrations at: forum2018.cicb.org.br (only in Portuguese)
Central Theme: What is the Return on Investing in Sustainability?