On September 25 in the Villa La Favorita the meeting will take place under the general heading Innovative and Eco-friendly Technologies applied to the Leather Production’.
The oral presentations (11 in total) will be followed by a poster session. For the accompanying people a special tour to the Palladio Villas will be offered by AICC.
The same evening, AICC will host a gala dinner together with all the associate members and guests in the magnificent setting of Villa La Favorita, built by the Italian architect, Muttoni.
On Saturday, September 26 a round-table meeting about ‘leather and its future’ will be held in the Villa Cordellina-Lombardi with representatives of leather related associations, banks, newspapers and political personalities.
After the round-table, there will be the AGM for the election of the new president and the new Board of AICC.
To attend the meeting or other related activities advanced registration is free of charge. For further information and registration to attend the meeting visit www.aicc.it or email info@aicc.it